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Lauren Lane Powell

Lauren Lane Powell

Lauren Lane Powell is a Visionary Vocalist who believes “If You Can Laugh, You Can Sing!”

Lauren earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from Indiana University in 1993. Through years of self-discovery and further study, she delevoped and trademarked her process of freeing the authentic voice. She started helping other people remember how to sing in 1989, teaching private vocal lessons. Her students began to report strange and wonderful benefits that they linked to singing, many having never sung on key before!

Too many people have been told “You’re tone deaf” and “You can’t carry a tune in a bucket” and believe the lies. Too many people believe that as we age our voice diminises. Too often the voice does sound strained, pinched, edgy and often off key, confirming the BS. (belief systems)

However, when we remember how to breathe the way we were born to breathe and how to use our CORE muscles, beautiful tones are produced naturally. Singing on key becomes muscular and is possible for every body!

Lauren created her Sing For Your Soul workshop and lesson series as a self-study 10-12 weeks course.

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