Bedside Song Sharing

Two ways to select songs

  1. Go to the Songwriter Portofolio page.  Click on a songwriter to see a list of her songs. You can listen to a “demo” version (the arrangement that the songwriter envisions using at bedside) of each one by using the player.  If you like the song, click the button to add it to you cart.
  2. Use the Search box in the sidebar. Type in a keyword (“love”, “peace”, the title of a song you think is here, the name of a songwriter (last names work best) or anything else related to your particular interest. You may see some choices “drop down” as you are typing, and you can choose one of those if you like.  Or finish typing and click the “Search” button to see your results. Click on something that interests you, listen and add it to your cart if you like it.  Repeat as needed.The more specific you are with your search, the better the results will be: a search for “songs” will bring up a lot of results, but they might be very confusing.  A search for “peace” might bring up only three or four results, but they will likely be song packages that you can visit and download.

Downloading your packages

Once you have items in your cart and are ready to “check out”, click “Checkout” in the menu or in the sidebar. Fill in your email address and name, then click “Download“. You’ll see a list of the “packages” you have chosen. Click on each one to download to your computer.

Tips and hints

  • Right now everything on this website is free to download. We’re using a shopping cart to help you efficiently choose what you want and download it to your computer, but you can ignore all the references to dollars and payments.  There’s no charge and you won’t be asked for a credit card.
  • The recording you hear when you click the “Play” button on a song is NOT the “practice track.”  We call it a “demo” and it is the songwriter’s concept of how the song should sound when sung at bedside.  We put it there so you can listen to each song and decide whether you like it.  If you do, add it to your cart.
  • When you add a song to your cart, you’re actually adding a whole package of files.  When it’s downloaded, you’ll have a folder that contains the “demo track” (the music you heard if you clicked the “Play” button), the “learning track” (an arrangement that allows you to clearly hear the melody and each harmony part), and usually (but not always) the score for the song. Some of our songwriters work only by ear.  We respect that and don’t require them to provide written music.
  • The “Search” box is intended to help you find what YOU are looking for even if you don’t know our songwriters.  Type a word like “love” or “peace” or even the name of a songwriter or a song title and click “Search” and you’ll see a list of relevant items. Many of the songs on this site are tagged with keywords provided by the composer, and as we add more songs and tag them you’ll find that the list of relevant items will be much deeper than it is at present.



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