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This is the home of Bedside Song Sharing, a place where bedside singers and songwriters work with each other to create excellent “learning tracks” of songs to be sung at bedside and respectfully share them with other bedside singers.  All of the songwriters represented on this site have given permission for their songs to be recorded and the groups that have made the recordings have given permission for them to be hosted here and shared.

If you are interested in these songs, you’re welcome to download them and learn them. But we ask that you respect the copyrights of both the songwriters and the recording artists by not re-duplicating them on your own or recording them without permission.  If someone else wants a copy, please ask them to come to this site and download it for themselves. You may sing these songs anywhere you like. If you wish to make a recording, even just to share with friends and family, please ask the composer for permission.


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